Artimis Costume

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I know... this is my most Expensive costume yet! This Costume is made of Medium pile fur. The head itself without the Fur is made of foam then is covered in fur. The eyes are glued on and you will be able to see. Shipping is not included in the prices below. I got permission from the customer to pose in the costume. The costume is a bit big on me and I am shorter than the customer so it looks different on me. The costume also comes with paws for the feet and the hands.

There are cheaper versions of this costume but I promise you they will look NOTHING like the costume in the pictures above. Not even close to it.


Cost without head $550

Cost with head $1,050

Why so much? Below is a list of what it all costs to make it.

  • Fur: $300 Alone
  • Head: $250 w/o Fur and I have someone else to do the head form.
  • Labor: $500 for 50 hours of work

WARNING!! This costume is very hot and heavy!!

Below are pictures of the customer in the costume. On another note, I DID NOT make the Sailor Venus Costume.