Costs of making a costume

Think I charge too much for costumes and only want to pay like $30-$50 for one? Well on this page I'll explain why I charge as much as I do along with other costume commissioners.

First off I would like to say that it is rude to look at a commissioners site and then yell at them in an email about the price being too high when you don't realize what it costs to make a costume.

There is alot to consider when you commission a costume and what the money is being spent on. Below is a list of things that has to be bought to make the costume.

That just about covers why it costs as much as it does to get a commission done by me or other commissioners. The costume is custom made to fit you according to your personal measurements and is not mass produced in factories that can come out poorly made and not even fit right because their idea of sizes are different everywhere. Hope that explains it all. Thank you for looking at this page to help you understand better.