Frequently asked questions

Q:What forms of payment do you take?

A: I eccept credit cards or bank account transfers through paypal at even if you don't have an account with them and it's free to join, Money orders, western union. NO PERSONAL CHECKS please! I prefer money orders or paypal though.

Q:What does costume commission mean?

A: It means you get a person to make you a costume.

Q:What Kind of Costumes do you make?

A: I make Anime costumes of any kind and I can make other Costumes too. Like Costumes you would wear for Halloween.

Q: How do you figure up the Estimates for the costumes you commission?

A: I figure up the Estimate by the Cost of Materials and other things I might need in order to make the Costume. Then I add labour and shipping costs.

Q: When Do I have to pay you to commission a costume for me?

A: You pay me As soon as you can.Usually with just the downpayment forst. I do not start working on the costume until I get paid. The Reason for this is the fact that I have to buy the materials and I also have to use Gas to go and get the materials. I would lose money if I paid money out of my pocket for someone Elses costume. They could just cancel the commision of the costume when I get halfway done, then I'm stuck with the costume.

Q:Why do your costumes cost so much?

A: Simple... it takes alot of time to make these Costumes... I charge Depending on the materials, going to get these materials ( and some are hard to find or are Very Expensive). I also have other Expense's I have to pay to keep my bussiness up. It also takes alot of time to make the patterns too. This is My Career and this is what I do. Would you want to Spend hours and hours working so hard on something for someone else and not get any money for doing it? That would be like working at a normal job for free.

Q:Would you make a pattern so I can make a Costume myself?

A:Yes I do make them now, go to the patterns page in the menu on the homepage

Q:Do you usualy Iron the wrinkles out of the costume before mailing it?

A:yes but it will get wrinkled when it's being mailed. If I'm in a big hurry to ship out a costume then sometimes it's not Ironed.

Q:Do you make props as well?

A:yes, though they are rarely commissioned, Just email me for an estimate along with a picture.

Q:When asking for an estimate for a costume, how should I ask?

A:The best way is to be specific about the name of your character and what Anime they are from. Pictures are also a big help and by including pictures with inquiry I can get back to you with an estiamate alot quicker. The most important thing to mention is the date you need the costume so that can tell you if I will be able to take your commission.

Q:I Ordered a costume and sent you the down payment but I want to switch characters, would that cost extra?

A: In some scenarios it would not cost Extra for Example, if you had an Inuyasha costume commission (wich requirs Red and White fabric) and you want to to change that Character to Kikyo (this Requirs the same materials) Then it does not cost more as long as I have not started on the costume. If I had begun on the Inuyasha costume and you wanted to switch then you will have to pay $10/ hour of labour that was put into the costume so I can alter it into Kikyo. If you want a costume Changed and it's totally different from the one you originally wanted then you will have to pay for materials for that costume you want. There is no refund for the downpayment you put on the old one. If I had already started on the other costume then there is no charge and I keep the materials (this makes up for my lost time.

Q:I need a costume really soon and I can't find anyone to make it for me, can I get you to do in a rush? If so what's the cost.

A: If I am not Super booked then I will take your Order. Below is a list fees according to the time needed.

Costume Rushing Fees:The Fee is also added to the costume total.Please Email me first to check if I can rush your order.

Needed in 1 week
Needed in 2 weeks
Needed in 3 weeks
Needed in 4 weeks
$200 $100 $75 $50

If these Questions still do not answer your Question you can email me.