About Refunds

All sales are final but I will fix an outfit for free sometimes. Just Email me and we'll discuss it. Also please note that if something should happen to the outfit or if it is not done to your Satisfaction and you want something Added or taken away it will cost Extra.. because that means more Materials to buy and for of my time to work on the outfit, so please do not leave out any details.

Harassment in emails and Instant Messaging will not be tolerated at all. It is alright to email me or Instant Message me every now and then to ask for an update on your costume but it is not alright to email me everyday asking for an update, expecting me to give you updates everyday. If I am harassed in emails or instant messaging then I the commissioner, reserve my right to cancel the commission without a refund of any kind. Just because I do not email you everyday does not mean I am not working on your costume. I have a life as well.

If something should happen and I am unable to make the Costume by the deadline due to Sickness or any other things that might set me back, I reserve right to hold off on any commission until further notice. However most of the time I am able to make the deadline.

Payment Methods eccepted:

Money order, Interantional money order from residents outside the U.S. , and Cash ( at your own risk )or Paypal at www.paypal.com. Add your Email address and the name of the costume you want on a peice of paper as Well with money orders.Thank you.

Do not make money orders out to Ann's Anime Costumes and more please

About Money Orders

If you do decide to send a money order, please remember to fill out the information asked for in the contract below. If you do not do this, then I will not know whom it's from or what it's for. If I do receive a money order without these things, I will give the person 3 days to email me to let me know they sent it and Verify their address and the amount they sent. If I do not receive the email within 3 days starting from the day I receive the money order, then the person that sent it will automatically lose that money because the person that sent it did not include what I asked for and will automatically break the contract and will receive no refund. This is a warning to all who send money orders, so please remember to include all the information I ask for on the contract to insure your payment. Also remember to sign the money order to make it easier for me to cash.

About Measurements

Make sure your body measurements are correct! I am not responsible for this. I have an adjustable mannequin I use to make sure the garments are the exact measurements the customer gives me. This means do not give me made up measurements. I need your measurements to be correct so the costume or item fits you. If you should mess up the measurements and the Garment does not fit, then I am in no way responsible and therefore there is no refund for your own mistake.

Please see the "How To Measure" Page.